Camp Staff

Policy Debate Staff

Dr. Eric Morris

Director of Debate & Full Professor, Missouri State University

As a debater, won several tournaments and reached the final round of the CEDA National Tournament. In his 14 years of coaching, his students have won the CEDA National Tournament and CEDA Squad Points Championship, qualified to the NDT 15 years in a row, reached the NDT elimination rounds 7 years in a row, and won several other tournaments. He has also researched over 50 handbooks and designed evidence management software. He was selected as NDT "Coach of the Year" in 2008 - the highest honor for competitive success in coaching.

Dr. Nathan Rothenbaum

Assistant Director of Debate & Asst Prof, Missouri State (2023-now)

As debater, qualified to the Kentucky RR and National Debate Tournament. As a coach, had teams reach NDT Finals (2019) and multiple first rounds. Previous school ties include University of Georgia & Trinity University. He has several publications related to argumentation & public affairs, and was selected as co-editor for a forthcoming issue in Argumentation & Advocacy. 

Heather Walters, J. D. 

Greenwood High School Director (2010-now) & MoState Instructor (former Asst Director of Debate)

As a debater, she won multiple tournaments, qualifying to the elite Jesuit Round Robin (top 10 teams in CEDA debate), and reached the deep elims at the CEDA National Tournament. In her 14 years of coaching, she's had several teams win tournaments, hosted the NDT on the Missouri State campus, and qualified teams to the NDT in each of her 12 years coaching at Missouri State. She has coached 3 first rounds teams, and had teams in NDT elims 6 years in a row. She also coached an NFL qualifying policy debate team in her 1st year as a high school coach (Greenwood) and has a J.D.

Kristen Stout

MoState Coach (2011-now) & Former HS/College Coach (Republic, Greenwood, Crowder)

Cleared twice at CEDA & qualified several times to the Wake Forest tournament. Cleared at numerous tournaments, won numerous speaker awards. Qualified competitors to both the Missouri State Tournament and NSDA Nationals.

Parker Hopkins

MoState Coach (2020-now) & Asst Director of Forensics, Pembroke Hill

Parker has been coaching Speech & Debate for multiple institutions since 2015. This is his 9th season on a high school, and 4th season apart of a college coaching staff. During this time he was also a college debater at Missouri State University where he competed in NDT/CEDA style debate. He was the 2021 Heart of America assistant coach of the year. In 2022, he coached the first public school team to qualify for and clear to elimination rounds at the University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions. That same team would finish 4th in the country in policy debate. He has qualified debaters to nationals in HS and college each season he has been on a coaching staff.