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If you would like more information about volunteering with the Spicer Debate Forum, or becoming an active debater, please fill out the information below and we will get back to you shortly. You can also email Dr. Eric Morris at

Current High School Debaters

High school debaters are encouraged to request information below - the scholarship application require more detail. Although college policy debate is closer to CX Policy, students from all formats (CX Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum) have transitioned successfully and qualified to nationals. There is no requirement to "try out" for the debate team - we take everyone. Travel varies by commitment, and there are GPA rules. Please fill out the form below to get more information!

Current Missouri State Students ("walk-ons")

We accept walk-ons at any point, but if you start early, you have more years to compete. You do NOT have to have prior debate experience - we will teach you and have qualified multiple novices to the national tournament. COM 321 enrollment is optional for students not on scholarship, and does not require competing at tournaments - it is possible to earn an "A" by judging local high school tournaments. Some walk-ons have even earned a scholarship after participating!

Volunteers Needed!

We always need volunteers! It takes about 100 judges per round to run the MSU-Deo High School Tournament each October (fall break). Experience is helpful but NOT required - we can train you! There is a judges lounge with free food, and some teachers offer extra credit. Many MSU students complete service requirements for their scholarships or their organizations by judging. We also need volunteers for the MSHSAA State Championship Tournament each April (Friday near April 20). MSU Talks! public debates can count as educational events for student organizations.

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