Photo Gallery

Team pic, X-Mas 2005
Aaron sees the light
Aaron beckoned to MoState!
The demon barber of LA
The demon barber of L.A.
The Once and Future?
The way things are
Before Ozzy was top-heavy
Scott Harris new problem
Scott Harris' current problem
Dance critic
Scott Harris' new problem.

Natalie of joy
Angry debater
Not Too Shabby
Meggie working hard
Meggie sees thru you.
Louie takes over
Louie takes over

The Backlash Begins
Blake eats lunch
Blake's card output is steady.
Searching Aaron
Playing with tiny jet planes
  Which one is Kristen?
Clay & Kristen
Inattentive to larger world
Last minute reservations?
Heathey-Moop Lab
Heathey-Moop Lab
Mapes Team!
The Moop Sisters