Online Camp Registration (2018)

Registration deadline is Friday,  June 8. All camp dates are tentative until confirmed by housing.

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Policy Debate Camp Option

If doing event camps only, and not policy debate, select "event camps only" from the drop down box and select which camps in the next section. If doing 2 or 3 week policy debate and some event camps other weeks select both.

The one-week novice option is specifically designed for those without high school tournament experience, including those without debate experience or those with middle school experience. Although it's also ok to select a 2- or 3- week camp, the one week novice experience will put you in a track of people with similar background levels. 


I plan to attend: (Select only one; you can change sessions until the deadline).

Camps Choices

* These institutes must meet a minimum enrollment in order to "make"

Please indicate your experience level. We consider experience level in lab assignments, although some labs have both intermediate & advanced debaters. Novice means nearly no debate experience - perhaps a class or a couple of tournaments at most. Intermediate means experience is mostly limited to evidence cut by others, novice divisions, etc. Most debaters coming off their novice year would select intermediate. Advanced generally indicates two or more years and prior camp experience.

Experience Levels

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Events Camp Options

The camps listed below are the newly updated 2018 offerings. Please feel free to enroll!

They are organized by event (primarily) below. Sessions run 9:00am to 5:00pm with a lunch break. We will have evening computer lab supervision (6:30pm-9pm) for event camp students residing in the dorms. 

You can even attend the 3 week policy camp, and opt into event camp days at your discretion - without additional charge. 

Policy Lecture-Only students will get extensive information about the 2018-2019 topic, and access to camp files, but no practice rounds. These sessions are two-day sessions, from 9am-2pm (with a lunch break).

Please select any/all camps you wish to attend on the list below. One registration deposit of $100 covers as many of our camps as you wish to attend, whether policy or event camps.

We reserve the right to cancel any individual camp for low enrollment, but L/D and PF made in 2017. We also reserve the right to cap attendance for staffing reasons, but at this point each event camp is below its cap. Also, dates are expected but are subject to confirmation from housing (typically during the prior November). 

The event camp prices do not include any room & board fees, but we can arrange for room & board for $350 additional per event camp.

Commuters can be purchase meals in the Campus Union or Cafeteria, as needed.

If you have previously enrolled but need to change the camps you are attending, please email Dr. Eric Morris and we will adjust your entry accordingly.

Events Camp Options

Special Requests

If you are coming in for event camps and room & board arrangements different from our norm (check in Sunday evening, check out 5pm Friday, meals Mon morning - Fri lunch), please clarify. 

If you are debating, use this box to request partner preferences. We honor mutual partner requests. You can also email this information later.

If you are claiming a discount (early enrollment, referred by another person), please indicate at time of registration.

If you are staying in the dorm, also use this box to request roommate preferences.

If you have any other special requests, please enter them as well.

If you are in the 3 week CX session, please indicate if you would prefer a lay judge experience, a kritik experience, or some other alternative in week 3. If you don't know yet, you can decide later. 

If there are changes in any special request after you enroll, please email Dr. Eric Morris. If your request cannot be accommodated (and we certainly try!), we will be in touch about it.

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Deposit (Both Policy Debate & Events camps)

A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required with each enrollment. This covers any number of policy and event camps for summer 2018. The deposit is applied toward the student's total tuition bill.  No key deposit is required, but lost key charges (approx $10) will be billed to the student.

You may pay a portion of the registration fee, or the full amount, at any date prior to registration. However, the full remaining balance must be paid at registration. University regulations prevent us from accepting credit cards as payment, but if this changes will we change this statement. Students should bring cash, traveler's checks in the right denominations, a money order or two separate personal checks (one for the key deposit and one for tuition). Your ability to help us in this regard will make registration a much easier process.

Students will receive a secondary mailing after their application is accepted. The secondary mailing will provide you with required forms (including medical treatment consent & information), and will include the option to mutually request debate partners or roommates if you wish.

Please note: Registration Deadline is Friday,  June 8, 2018. If you think your deposit will arrive later, please contact with the details. We are eager to work with you, but also must protect the camp from charges associated with no-shows.

Also, we have a hard cap on our dorm space this summer. It should be sufficient unless the camp grows more than usual, but early registration is a good idea. We will update this page if it becomes necessary to create a wait list for dorm spaces.

If you fill out this form after the registration deadline, we may have finalized our staffing and room accommodations (at which point we may be unable to accept late entrants). You can contact the same email to determine if it is possible to accept you into the camp. While deposits are typically non-refundable, we certainly would refund any deposit if registration were declined on our side.

You can make your deposit (or pay remaining balance, or order additional timers/flash drives / T-Shirts) at our online store. The online store accepts payment by credit card (convenience charge) or bank account (no convenience charge).

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, make it payable to: The Missouri State Debate Institute.

Please Do Not Mail Cash

Send Deposit and Payment to:

Missouri State Debate Institute

Dept of Communication, Craig 375

Missouri State University

901 S. National Ave

Springfield, MO 65897