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Debate Scholarship Application
We assume anyone applying is a high school senior applying for the next fall - if you are applying early, please state your graduation year!
If you aren't ready to complete the full form, please consider filling it out with your name, email, and high school. You can always fill it out again later with the remaining information, but we will know to contact you!
It's much easier for us to evaluate the present skills and future potential of scholarship applicants if you've worked with someone on our team at a debate institute (MSDI, KU, UMKC, for example). Some have asked us how to make a good case for their prospects even if they attended other camps or weren't able to attend camps.

If you haven't worked with us before, please be clear about which formats of debate (CX Policy, L/D, Public Forum, others) you've competed in, and for how long. CX Policy is, by far, the best preparation, but students whose background is in the other types may be novice eligible if they have under 24 rounds of CX policy and under 50 rounds of L/D.
Our timeline for making scholarship decisions is mid to late April for the following fall semester. You are free to apply anytime, but applying before April 1 is advised to receive first consideration (once scholarships are offered, they are generally only available if they are declined). Please apply to Missouri State prior to Jan 15 for the following fall in order to be eligible for most academic scholarships (which are both generous and largely automatic if you apply on time). Most debaters combine debate and academic scholarships into a stronger package. Most require application by January 15; however, some have earlier deadlines. For example, the full ride Presidential Scholarships and the full-tuition Multicultural Leadership Scholarship have December 1 deadlines.
If you haven't worked with us, some materials that might improve your application include (a) samples of files you've personally researched - please mark any cards you didn't cut (b) letters of recommendation from coaches and/or lab leaders (c) video of you debating in practice rounds or tournament rounds. None of these things are required, however. Please email Eric Morris with any computer attachments or internet links; also, please email me if you are sending anything snail mail so I can make sure it is received.

High School Coach (Letter/Email of Recommendation optional from coach and/or summer camp lab leaders)

Please check the debate formats for which you would like to be considered.
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After submitting this form. please invite your coach (and/or summer camp lab leaders) to send a short email of support to:


Please note that many debaters combine academic scholarships with debate for a more competitive package. Most academic money requires early application for consideraton. See Missouri State University policy its scholarship money to recruiting, meaning you must receive a scholarship in the 1st semester to be eligible thereafter. Each year, we begin by awarding scholarships to returning debaters, and then the remaining amount for new recruiting. In some cases, scholarship amounts have gone up over time.